Sagalee Abdii Newsletter (November 2015)


1 Editorial Note
(By Admasu Simeso)

3 Fayyuun Keenya Ayaana fi Tola Waaqayyoo’tiin

(By Rev Wondimu Legesse Soneessaa)

4 OROECM News in Brief 4

(By Admasu Simeso)

  1. OROECM Spiritual Conference
  2. Women’s Ministry
  3. Youth and Children 2015 Summer Program
  4. OROECM Worship Team Spiritual Concert
  5. Men above Forty Annual Picnic:
  6. Birth
  7. Weddings
  8. Baptism
  9. Pastor Wondimu Legesse Soneessaa
  10. Prayer Time
  11. Hallelujah Night at OROECM 

Editors’ Note:

“Those Who Keep Waiting Upon the LORD Will Renew Their Strength”

By Admasu Simeso

“Those Who Keep Waiting upon the LORD Will Renew their Strength: Then they'll soar on wings like eagles; they'll run and not grow weary; they'll walk and not grow tired, (Isiah 40:31)i”.

Since our last issue of Sagalee Abdii No. X in June this year a lot of events have taken place, (a lot of running, walking, planning and trying to do things) around our church, in our community and in this country that welcomed our people as well as in the world at large. Some of them though may not be realized as important are encouraging good news, while others are very disturbing events, especially those events that affect the lives of the children and the poor in various part of the world.

We at OROECM, the Lord has been and is good to us; we live in a peaceful environment and we have had and still have a lot to celebrate and thank God.  [Continued on Page 2]


Amanti Melkamu

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