Welcome to Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church!

Our Mission

We exist to glorify God, fulfil the Great Commission, and serve the whole person, among the Oromo and beyond


To build a thriving church where lives are transformed by connecting to Christ through the teaching of the Gospel, growing together, equipping for ministry, and serving others


  • We value communion and fellowship with each other, sister churches and larger community.

  • We value servant leadership that empowers, equips and mentors God’s people for God’s mission.

  • We value our Oromo identity, cultural heritage and traditions within the bounds of our Christian faith.

  • We value holistic service toward the development of the whole person; mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

  • We value our Lutheran heritage of word alone, faith alone, and grace alone.

Our story

The Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church (OROEC) in Minnesota is the product of Bible study group started by Oromo students who were attending Luther Seminary and Augsburg College and few other Oromos in the Twin Cities area back in 1987. They were meeting on weekly basis for Bible study and prayer on Fridays at family homes.

This home Bible study group grew as the number of Oromo immigrants continued to increase as a result of political persecution in Ethiopia. God prepared a place for them for future worship and fellowship ahead of time. This growth has been resulted in establishing Oromo speaking congregation that could serve the new Oromo arrivals. By September 1993, the church was incorporated having a legal entity and registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State. In 1995, the constitution of the church {Read} has been approved by the congregation (amended in 2013 to fit the need of the church) and OROEC thus became a member church of the Minneapolis Area Synod-ELCA. Starting from its inception, the service and leadership of lay members have played a significant role to its growth. The arrival of a pastor in 1995 has also contributed a significant growth in the life of the church.

This church is considered to be a mother church for Diaspora Oromo churches and is also one of the largest immigrant churches in ELCA. The Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church in Minnesota has been active in helping establish local churches in the US and has been supporting the ministries of Oromo churches in Africa and the Middle East. We have been hosting numerous Oromo international spiritual revival conferences and have been home for the office of United Oromo Evangelical Churches (UOEC). By the grace of God, this church continues to be active in serving its members and beyond.

Our Beliefs

Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church of Minnesota believes that the Old and New Testament as an infallible word of God given to all mankind for salvation through belief in Jesus Christ alone. It is the only God’s message of love and hope for all people for salvation. This church proclaims the saving power of the word of God and also promotes holistic service to its members and beyond.

Our Staff

Pr. Wondimu Legesse ( interim pastor)

Asefa Malka (youth and children ministry coordinator )

Council Member

—Obbo Addisu Shunkuri