Sagalee Abdii Newsletter XII


Editorial Note: Sagalee Abdii Is Back

(By Admasu Simeso

Live at Peace with everyone.

(By Rev Melkamu Negeri)

Understanding the Work of the Holy Spirit

(By Samuel Yonas Deressa)

Bearing Friutes:

(By Admasu Simeso)

News from OROECM

(By Admasu Simeso and other contributors)

  1. New Year Celebration
  2. New Year Conference
  3. Annual Congregational meeting
  4. Installation of New Church Elders:
  5. OROECM Mission and Vision Task Force
  6. The founding of the Oromo Christian Women of MN
  7. The Orientation of new members
  8. The Baptism of children
  9. Easter Celebration:
  10. Quarterly Congregational meeting
  11. Mother’s day celebration
  12. Darabee Youth and Young Adults Spiritual Conference
  13. Father’s day celebration
  14. Annual Church Picnic and Enjoying God’s Creation:
  15. Confirmation
  16. Seminar on Christian Identity and Social Responsibility:
  17. Day bible Camp
  18. Wapo bible Camp
  19. OROECM Spiritual Music Concert:
  20. UOEC Pastors and partners visit to Washington DC.
  21. UOEC Annual Conference and Council Meeting:
  22. Prayer Request for Obbo Bekele Gerba and for All Those in Similar Situation:
  23. The Worship Team led the congregation in singing: 

Amanti Melkamu

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