December 13: GII-SENDAFA Charity Youth Performance

Generation Impact Initiative (GII) in Sendafa, Ethiopia is providing for basic needs and education to the poorest of the poor while leading them to the healing power of the gospel.

About GII Sendoff

GII was developed as a family project from the Gemechu family to express their Christian faith by using their different gifts and education through this work.

GII started in 2008 as an orphanage with 12 orphan children and is now a registered Ethiopian community-based charity with 7 board members, providing 50 children the basic needs and education. GII also plans to provide widows vocational training for helping their children as well. Due to Ethiopian law, GII can raise only 10% of its funds within Ethiopia. 90% of its funds has to come from abroad. The family members Benita & Amanuel Gemechu are responsible for raising funds for GII within USA.